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Aura Robo-Factory file

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Work Schedule

Planned work schedule 3 working days followed by one day of rest. Download the file.
Work Day Schedule

Proposed Biologial Survey

People interested in assisting with the Biological survey of the colony area should discuss how they can be of assistance with Dr Virgil Agricola Vicinius.
Current Local season is early fall daytime highs are in the low 80s. Night time lows of about 40 are expected. Pop up showers are expected.

Current Medical Alerts

  • Remember Sunburns are still possible
  • Remember the nights can get cold, be prepared

The News Feed

Aura Hospital has been completed, foundations are being laid for House of Children facility and the I.S.P ground facility. Permanent housing is being built and the fist neighborhood quad is completed. The first annual Landing Day/ Foot hold Festival is scheduled this year on the 24th. Festivities are scheduled to begin after mid-light and continue through Mid-dark. Current events include Craft fair put on by crafters corner. Martial arts display, evening Buggalo BBQ and Dance featuring music by the Electric Lake Ensemble.
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